7 Reasons Why Digital Education is the Next Learning Frontier


Look around today’s classrooms and you’ll see that education has officially joined the technological revolution: chalkboards have been replaced by Smartboards, paper and pen by laptops, and textbooks by iPads.

Although you may reminisce about traditional teaching methods, here’s why digital education deserves to be the next learning frontier1:

  1. Accessibility

    Through websites, phones, and tablets, educational content can be transported out of the classroom, offering endless opportunities to learn.

  2. Greater engagement

    With the ability to target different learning styles, digital education can appeal to and engage a broad audience.

  3. Independent learning

    Educational tech programs can be tailored to meet the abilities of each student. Because of this, instructors can provide extra support to those who need it while keeping the rest of the class engaged and on-task.

  4. Appeals to the “digital native” population

    Students today are increasingly familiar with new technology. By using the same tools they use in their free time within the classroom, students are more motivated to learn.

  5. Supporting resources for teachers

    In addition to providing support to the student, educational tech provides resources to teachers so they can easily collaborate with colleagues and personalize content for students.

  6. Learning analytics

    By attaching metrics to digital education platforms, instructors can analyze and quantify learning activities, assessing student progress and guiding future lessons.

  7. Easy updates

    Digital content is much easier to update than printed text, keeping learners up-to-date with current trends and innovations.