BioDigital and the Endocrine Society


Today we are excited to announce the latest application from BioDigital, in partnership with the Endocrine Society. The endocrine system is a complex network of glands and organs that produce hormones which ultimately regulate the way in which your body functions.  While you don’t often see it working, the endocrine system plays an important role in diabetes, weight management, reproduction and energy levels. To better understand this complex yet vital part of the anatomy, BioDigital and the Hormone Health Network created The Journey Through the Endocrine System.  This interactive visual tool will leverage the BioDigital Human technology to tell the comprehensive story of the endocrine system and its related conditions.

Cheretta A. Clerkley, MBA, CASE Director at Hormone Health Network explained that this resource will “provide patients with a deeper understanding of the endocrine system and their own conditions.” She added that using this tool would “allow providers to communicate better with their patients and also give consumers the tools they need to be more informed and empowered about their own health.”

To allow for real-time accessibility, the Journey Through the Endocrine is entirely web-based and runs on any modern browser. The technology will also be used in educational settings to teach and inform students about the endocrine system and the pivotal role it plays in their body.

Frank Sculli BioDigital Cofounder noted that the company continues to use its virtual body platform to “transform the way health and medicine are understood.” “With the power of visualization, we can quickly demonstrate what is actually going on inside the body and hopefully add to the almost hundred year history of education provided by such a prestigious institution” he said.


Attendees can explore the capabilities and utilities of this new tool during a “sneak peek” at ENDO 2015, March 5-8 in San Diego.  The Journey Through the Endocrine System will officially launch in summer of 2015.


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