Actavis and BioDigital Launch 3D IUD Training Platform


Problem: Actavis first approached BioDigital when they were launching a new IUD product called, Liletta. This product was entering the market place with other known competitors in existence, and the Product Marketing team wanted a unique way to differentiate this device and communciate the product’s benefits. In addition, the Actavis clinical education team wanted an efficient way to train health care providers (HCPs), such as OB-GYNs, who were interested in learning more.

Solution: After hearing about other successful BioDigital partnerships such as Smile Train, where the BioDigital Human Platform was used for clinical training, both sides determined there was potential to use 3D simulation to accomplish the client’s goals. After about a month of storyboarding and working closely with representatives from Actavis, including the Medical Affairs Liaisons and Marketing professionals, the BioDigital team was able to develop specific animated content that told a compelling story. Over the next couple months, the BioDigital team worked in conjunction with the Actavis team to execute the agreed upon storyboard and finalize the website.

Results: Doctors and other HCPs across the globe now have an interactive website that they can refer to anywhere there is an Internet connection. Located off of their HCP portal, this never-been-seen-before product offers step-by-step guidance for both insertion and removal of the IUD. In the field, nurse educators are also leveraging the content on iPads and within slide decks, demoing to interested OB-GYNs.

The following video captures some of the solution:


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