8 Things You Can Do in the BioDigital Human, But Not in the Lab


  1. Show and hide entire body systems
    By turning certain systems “on” and “off”, you can visualize anatomical relationships in a whole new way.
  2. Remove a structure with one click
    No hemostats, scissors, or bone saws required.
  3. “Undo Dissect”
    Unfortunately, there’s no “undo” button in real life.
  4. Take notes on the body
    Save valuable notebook space—you can type “plantar flexion of the foot” right on the gastrocnemius muscle.
  5. Rotate the body with ease
    Sure, you can flip the donor body over with help from your lab-mates, but can you see anatomy from this angle?https://human.biodigital.com/widget/?uaid=1FBjv&be=YqC&ui-tools=true&ui-panel=true
  6. Explore over 500 health conditions
    From acne to Raynaud’s disease, you can see how specific health issues impact the body.
  7. Save your work
    There’s nothing worse than dissecting the brachial plexus to see it ruined the next day. In the Human, you can save the exact view you want with bookmarks.https://human.biodigital.com/embedded.html?uaid=1FCVr&be=YsM&ui-tools=true&ui-panel=false
  8. Share your Human with your classmates and social media following
    Easily export your customized Human to teach your study group, present a lecture, and impress your friends.


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