BioDigital and the National Kidney Foundation Team up to Improve e-Learning


Problem: The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is an accredited provider that offers a variety of continuing medical education (CME) and continuing education (CE) courses. These courses allow health care professions to learn about emerging new areas in their field(s) and maintain a certain level of competence. NKF wanted to explore new ways of engaging their audience and build out existing content.

Solution: Course content is usually developed, reviewed, and delivered by expert faculty in key clinical areas. After listening to thought leaders in charge of NKF CME programs, the BioDigital team decided to use our Application Program Interface (API) for an advanced integration. Recent advances in BioDigital’s cardiovascular content allowed for a perfect opportunity to dive deeper into difficult subjects related to atherosclerosis. NKF referenced custom cardiovascular models via BioDigital’s embedded widgets into their previously existing content.


Results: Healthcare practitioners now have eight fully interactive models they can leverage. On top of this, we have the ability to track the usage of the BioDigital Human widget and have seen very encouraging results. The addition of this rich media on the NKF site also added a great aesthetic touch and enhanced the overall user experience.


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