Why Should You Know Your Own Anatomy?



So you’ve failed another “how well do you know the human body” quiz online. But do you really need to know the difference between metatarsals and metacarpals? We think yes, and here’s why:

  1. You’ll finally know the answers to weird bodily questions, such as:
    • What causes goosebumps? (It’s the contraction of arrector pili muscles in the epidermis) and
    • “What’s that tingling feeling I get after hitting my ‘funny bone’?” (You’ve hit the ulnar nerve, which delivers sensory and motor information to your part of your hand, ring finger, and pinky finger)
  2. You’ll be healthier. While you may not (and likely shouldn’t) go on a crash diet or exercise binge, you’ll have a better understanding of how your eating habits and gym routine impact your body
  3. As a bonus, you’ll also know why getting “8-pack” or “10-pack” abs is likely unattainable, since the “pack” is determined by the number of tendinous intersections in the rectus abdominis muscle
  4. Most importantly, you’ll have a meaningful relationship with your doctor. By knowing the basic lingo of medical professionals, you’ll be a more informed patient and be able to discuss your health conditions and treatments in a meaningful way

Convinced that you need to brush up on your body knowledge? Use the BioDigital Human to explore your own anatomy and quiz your friends!


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