Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse


This weekend, thousands of groaning zombies will slowly make their way through the streets. While they’ll be on the hunt for candy, not human flesh, you’ll want to start making preparations if a zombie apocalypse actually hits.

What’s the best way to prepare? Studying and understanding the zombie’s weaknesses. While this usually comes with terrifying first-hand experiences and a lost limb or two, luckily we have a tool you can use that’s safely out of the biting zone.

BioDigital, a developer-friendly API company, has created an undead version of their 3D human body that’s accessible online. Click through the decomposing brain tissue, zoom into functioning skeletal muscle, and witness the slowly-breathing lungs as you plan your counter-attack to the walking dead.
So channel your inner Rick and Michonne and explore the BioDigital Zombie today. But hurry, Halloween treats will only keep them full for so long!


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