Increase Learner Engagement with New “Create A Tour” Feature



Struggling to engage your students, patients, or sales/marketing teams while communicating complex medical topics?

Unlike the linear instruction of animated videos, the BioDigital Human Platform enables the exploration of realistic 3D content, increasing learner engagement and retention. And now, you can customize your own experiences with the new “Create A Tour” feature in the BioDigital Human!

Medical device manufacturers can explain the need for and purpose of their stents by composing a unique tour of cardiovascular anatomy, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and heart attack.

Pharmaceutical companies can show how asthma affects the respiratory system, and doctors can visualize the progression from normal to inflamed joints for patients with arthritis.


Here’s How You Can Customize Your Own Medical Tour in Interactive 3D:

  1. In the main toolbar, click on “edit”, “Create a Tour”                      CreateatourStep1.png
  2. A tour toolbar will appear on the bottom of your screen                        CreateatourStep2.png
  3. Dissect, zoom, pan, and customize the Human
  4. Once you have the view that you want, hit “Add Chapter”
  5. Title your chapter and add a description                   CreateatourStep5.png
  6. Continue to build!
  7. When you’ve created your anatomical masterpiece, hit “Save”. Your tour will be saved into “My Human”

Master Tips:

  1. Bring in customized condition views for an all-inclusive tour of anatomy and disease
  2. Add annotations into your chapters for further detail
  3. Use the x-ray, exploded-view and cross-section tools to highlight the key points in your scene
  4. Like the work of another user? You can bring views from the BioDigital community into your own tour
  5. If you want to update or edit a chapter before the tour is saved:
    1. Click on the thumbnail of the chapter that you wish to edit
    2. Customize the Human
    3. Hit “update”
  6. If you want to update or edit a chapter after the tour is saved:
    1. Go to “My Human”
    2. Hover over the tour you want to edit
    3. Click on the pencil icon
    4. Select the frame you want to change
    5. Edit your view
    6. Click “update”
    7. Be sure to save your changes!
  7. Don’t keep your tour to yourself
    1. Once your tour is saved, hover your mouse over it in “My Human”
    2. Click on the “share this” icon
    3. Share your tour on social media or
    4. Embed the tour in your own website to show the world



Want to fully leverage the 3D interactive features of the BioDigital Human Platform? Access our API!





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