How Big Pharma Benefits from Digital Learning



Big Pharma is having communication issues. With over half of physician practices restricting the access of pharma reps, there’s less face-time than ever to convince a doctor to prescribe your product. Because of this, many think that a transition into the digital landscape is necessary.

How can digital learning, the communication and teaching of ideas using technology, benefit Big Pharma?

The advantages are two-fold:


Improved Clinical Training:

  1. Accessible worldwide
    • Perhaps the most important feature of digital learning is its accessibility. With pharma companies expanding across the globe, digital learning offers the ability to consolidate training for an entire sales fleet, from Michigan to Malaysia.
  2. Continuous engagement and interaction
    • With access to training tools before and after in-person lessons, digital learning enables users to continuously engage with content, increasing learner retention.
  3. Sales enablement
    • Due to expanding constraints on the pharma industry/health provider relationship, the responsibilities of the sales rep are evolving. Reps now need to know their product, as well as the customer’s needs, in extensive detail.
    • Digital learning can increase the field knowledge of each rep, as well as teach disease-specific material that will facilitate a more meaningful discussion with healthcare providers (HCPs).
  4. Personalization of content
    • Because it’s inherently web-based, digital learning content can be easily updated and personalized for each user, addressing region-specific regulations and guidelines across the globe.


Successful Selling:

  1. Personalize your pitch
    • In the same way digital learning can be personalized for each sales rep, it can (and should) be personalized for meetings with HCPs.
    • Digital platforms are an easy way to update sales collateral for each prescriber and reference it quickly.
  2. Engage the prospect with interactivity
    • Less facetime with HCPs means that pharma reps should turn their focus to interactive content. Studies show that interactive learning increases engagement and is twice as effective in learner retention than traditional, passive methods.
    • By providing interactive content that’s easily accessible online, HCPs are encouraged to engage with your material beyond your initial meeting.  
  3. Create a measurable experience
    • Performance in digital learning can be tracked with extensive analytics, creating a quantitative way to determine a pharma rep’s successes and areas for improvement.



Recognizing the need for digital solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, we leverage our cloud-based Human Platform to create customized experiences that visualize disease and treatments in interactive 3D.


The BioDigital Human Platform powers experiences for Pfizer, Novartis, Smith & Nephew, Actavis, and Medtronic.  

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