BioDigital Collaborates with Johns Hopkins Medicine to Power 3D Human Musculoskeletal App


We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with the medical education expertise of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Our new app – Muscle Anatomy: A Johns Hopkins Medicine 3D App – enables users to explore bones, muscles, and connective tissue in a medically accurate format that resembles life itself. This app is ideal for medical students learning musculoskeletal anatomy, personal trainers explaining key muscle movements, and physicians communicating sites of injury or disease with patients.

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“This innovative program makes comprehensive anatomy education more accessible,” said Christopher B. Ruff, Ph.D, Professor of Functional Anatomy and Evolution at Johns Hopkins Medicine. “It allows anyone to understand the complex structural relationships between bones and muscles, in a way that up to now was clearly visible only in a cadaver lab.”

The Johns Hopkins app, powered by the BioDigital Human, allows users to explore 3,000 medically accurate anatomy objects and key muscle movements in interactive 3D. Users can rotate, zoom and pan all objects, select and dissect anatomy objects to customize their view, add or remove layers of anatomical complexity, and draw and annotate directly on models to save for future reference. “We couldn’t be more excited to see our technology working with the medical expertise of Christopher Ruff and Johns Hopkins Medicine to improve musculoskeletal understanding,” said Lauren Struck, VP of Operations at BioDigital. “As one of the top-ranked medical schools in the country, their commitment to world class education is unparalleled and we are glad our technology is well positioned to reinforce that commitment.”

The app is currently available for iOS devices in iTunes.

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