Embeddable Medical Content: What It Is and Why It’s Important


The tip of the iceberg. That’s how much of the internet’s potential that we know of and use in 2019. The digital revolution hasn’t come and gone. It’s barely started. Tech forward industries have tapped into the true potential of the internet, but even they have barely scratched the surface.


Healthcare, then, has a long ways to go to catch up. Organizations across the industry – medtech, edtech, healthcare providers – need to think outside the box to educate patients, students, and healthcare professionals alike.


One way to do that is with customizable embeddable medical content. Embeddable medical content is content  that enhances a user experience by augmenting material on an existing platform. Consider how Google maps sits within a contact page to help visitors visually find a destination.


It augments the description of that location with interactive visualization, making information more understandable in less time. In a similar way, properly embedded medical content can make information on a difficult medical concept more understandable in less time.  


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Embedded content is worth a thousand words.

Imagine that a freshman pre-med student, is reading an online article about coronary artery disease. The concepts are difficult to grasp with words alone, but she can’t take the time to surf the web for more pictures or diagrams to help.


She continues to scroll down the article when she notices an embedded virtual tour of coronary artery disease. She can now visually experience each facet of a heart affected by the blockage to help her engage with and process the material completely.


So what happened? The medical content creator inserted a virtual tour of the heart, giving her relevant information quickly and efficiently.


This is the power of embedded content.

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Why embeddable content matters

So why should both the medical content creator and learner care about embeddable content?

The content creator can create customizable, measurable content

Content creators need embeddable content for the sake of delivering the best experience to their learners.

1. Embeddable content is customizable.

Content creators can now take programs designed for one purpose, and use it in a variety of ways that meet the learners’ needs. Instead of having to develop the content themselves, they can pull it from a platform that has already created the exact content they need.


Back to the medical student scenario. Instead of having to waste time searching the web for more information and pictures, she benefited from the content creator’s use of embedded content that allowed her to explore and discover more about specific subject she was learning.

2. Embeddable content is measurable.

Embedded content collects data from content interaction clicks, allowing content creators to see how often their embedded content is being used and viewed. This lets the creator see what is helpful to the learner and what is wasted space.

The learner engages with content tailored to their learning objective.

The content creator isn’t the only one who benefits from embeddable content. Learners can now engage with and manipulate the content they see.

1. Embeddable content is specific to their learning objective.

A student approaches a learning experience needing to achieve one learning outcome. Embedded medical content that the content creator has customized to their learning objective gives them what they need, and exactly what they need, unlike 2D images pulled from a Google search.

2. Embeddable content is accessible anytime, anywhere.

If your learners use a mobile or web application to study, they can access your content anytime, anywhere. Content embedded into your application only furthers that – instead of having to visit the lab to see a 3D beating heart, they can view it right from their smartphone or tablet.

Don’t just talk about medicine. Embed it.

Why make your learners have extra work to understand complex medicine? Embed content to help them reach their learning objective faster.


Start using BioDigital’s embeddable materials in your content today. Request a demo with a strategist now.

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