Introducing Human Studio: Empowering the BioDigital User Community to Author Immersive Content


At BioDigital, we believe that the human body can and should be understood.


Educators and trainers should be able to communicate complex information simply and efficiently.


Learners should be able to interact and view the human body in a way that deepens their knowledge and helps them reach their learning objectives.


Patients should be able to understand their health so they can make informed medical decisions.


However, medical knowledge now doubles every few months. Anyone who wants or needs to understand the human body will struggle to keep up with the sheer amount of information.


We need an entirely new, interactive and visualize forma to virtualize and better communicate health information.


That’s why we just launched Human Studio as part of the BioDigital Human platform. Human Studio is a tool that allows users to more easily create, customize, and share virtual models of human anatomy, disease and treatments.human studio 3d anatomy

By empowering our user community with the tools to visualize their knowledge in this interactive 3D format we’re democratizing the understanding of the human body.

A better way to communicate health information

Traditional methods of consuming information like lectures and static content aren’t working for patients, students and professionals any more. However, when they participate in more immersive learning experiences, they perform better on learning assessments as well as practical application.


Virtual experiences customized for specific teaching objectives can benefit anyone across health and medicine who has a need to understand anatomy, disease and treatments. When professionals create custom content with their own specialized input, they virtualize their expert health knowledge making it accessible to everyone. From doctors in a developing country using it to understand a complicated surgical procedure to kids in a third grade classroom taking an interest in their health because the information they are presented with is now visual and engaging.


Features like paint and labels allow users to tailor the anatomy learning experience to a specific objective. Human Studio’s virtual anatomy tour manager enables users to create narratives that help learners understand spatial relationships and anatomical structures in the context of the rest of the body.

What Human Studio means for content creators

Content creators will be able to author custom learning experiences for their end users. As a content creator, you’ll be able to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences and quickly integrate those experiences into curricula.


For example, custom authored anatomy and disease models helps medical sales trainers deliver a more effective learning experience, in a fraction of the time.


The content is accessible outside the classroom for home study, enabling learners to show up more prepared and to continue learning after leaving the classroom.


BioDigital’s immersive content is not limited to students studying medicine and healthcare professionals. Anyone with access to a computer or smart device can use Human Studio to customize anatomy models to help them learn about health in new, interactive ways. Doctors can use the content to educate their patients. Patients can use it to communicate their condition to family members. Parents and teachers can use it to educate children on how their bodies work.


We welcome your feedback on this new product as we continue to make enhancements that will continue to democratize the understanding of the human body and improve health literacy.


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